4 Habits to Stay in Shape

4 Habits You Must Adopt to Stay in Great Shape

If you want to know how celebrities and athletes maintain their great bodies, then ask the man who is responsible for getting and keeping them in excellent shape. There is really no secret to any of these habits. We all know them. However, it's keeping these 4 habits that is the key to great fitness.

As Alexa Tucker explains in Self with her interview with Gunnar Peterson:

When it comes to reaching a fitness goal—whether that’s building strength, losing weight, working toward a performance goal, or whatever else a person is striving toward—there's more to it than just showing up to workouts and going through the motions."[Even] if [a client is] with me six times a week, there's still an extra 162 or more hours left," Peterson tells SELF. How someone spends their time outside the gym can make all the difference in reaching their goals, the trainer says. And that’s true whether you’re one of Peterson’s celeb clients or not.

4 habits for staying in shape

  1. Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Sleep provides so many mental and physical benefits.
  2. Stay hydrated. Whether it's a workout day or a rest day, water is crucial to recovery and energy.
  3. Think "quality, quantity and timing" when planning your meals.
  4. Hold yourself accountable in the gym. In the end, only you can motivate yourself.

Practice these each day and eventually, they will become habits. Remember, it takes time to create a habit.

Read Alexa Tucker's entire article here


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