Foods that Impede Weight Loss

6 Foods That Can Impede Weight Loss

Who would have thought that MSG was connected to weight gain? We all know that certain foods will not help us reach our weight loss goals - trans fats, sugar, white bread. But, there are others that you may not be too familiar with.

Jenny McCoy's article on list several items that you should strongly consider banishing from your diet.

6 Weight Loss Killers

  • Emulsifiers
  • MSG
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Refined carbs
  • Low-fat products
  • Soda

If you’ve ever tried to shed excess pounds, you know that losing weight can be a complicated (and frustrating) process. Not all foods—or calories, for that matter—are created equal, and just as some foods can expedite your weight loss journey, others can derail it quickly.

While sugar, emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners are all items we can easily remove from our daily food intake. But, how do we make sure we do not include these items in our meals. Easily, by simply being aware and reading labels. Therefore, always check the product's contents to make sure they are no hidden weight loss killers mixed in with all the good stuff.

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