6 delicious protein bars

6 protein bars that are delicious and nutritious

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Healthy Protein Bars

Whether you're looking for high protein, high carb, high fiber or a complete meal replacement bar, these 6 have you covered. My personal favorite is the Kind bar with nutritious fruits and nuts. While many so-called "health bars" are chocked full of sugar, there are still many options available that give you the nutrition you need. Michael Schletter, C.P.T. at Men's Fitness gives us the breakdown.

LIKE READY-TO-DRINK SHAKES, bars provide nutrition on the go, although in a more filling, candy-like form. The trouble is that some of them actually are candy. But others are suited for post-workout consumption—a snack in place of a meal or a pick-me-up when your energy is low. We surveyed what’s out there, and identified which bars you should buy.[...]

6 health protein bars

  • Kind Bar
  • GNC Pro Performance Oatmeal Bar Deluxe
  • Clif Bar
  • Met-RX Big 100 Colossal Bar
  • Quest Bar
  • Promax LS Protein Bar

Each bar is better consumed at different times of the day. Read the article by Michael Schletter here to know which bar fits your schedule and goals.


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