7 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise

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How to Stay Motivated

Burned out? Less than motivated to start your work out? We've all been there. Long day at work or a late night out and the last thing you're thinking of is working out. Well, try these excellent tips to stay motivated for your workouts.

1. Set Shorter Goals

One of the best way to keep yourself motivated to exercise is to target specific goals. For instance, if you set a goal of losing a set amount of weight in four weeks then it will keep you motivated to not miss any of your workout just because you do not feel up to it.

2. Buy Some Trendy Workout Clothes and Accessories

If it is possible and affordable then this is a great motivator to stick with your exercises and workouts. It will make you feel excited about wearing them, and be sure to snap some cool photos while working out for uploading on your social media accounts.

This will also help you feel good among your friends while keeping you focused on hitting your target goals because now all your friends know about your goals. Oops, you can’t miss out today’s workout now!

3. Make it Fun with Some Funny Commitments

Try some playful motivation such as telling yourself that you will only take a bath when you work out. Because, no one wants to stink and miss out on a day for bathing. Always remember that work out sessions should never be boring, otherwise you are not going to stick with your fitness routine.

And if it is getting boring then it is high time to make some changes in your routine. Analyze your fitness routine and add some fun filled activities, such as, joining a ballroom dance class or water aerobics.

4. Join a Group

You can join a group at your gym or ask some of your friends to join you. Working out in a group can create a sense of competition and better motivate you to continue your workout goals.

5. Challenge Yourself with Small Targets

Challenging yourself with small target goals can help keep you motivated throughout a tough workout. For instance, challenge yourself to perform 3 sets of a particular exercise that you don’t particularly enjoy instead of the usual 2 sets. The following week try to make it 4 sets. Accomplishing small goals can be rewarding and motivating.

6. Set Some Rewards

Treating yourself to a pair of jogging shoes when you lose a certain amount of weight or simply treating yourself to an extra spoonful of frozen yogurt for continuing the hardest part of your exercise for a longer period of time can help you stay motivated. Rewarding oneself is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy and motivated.

7. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

There will probably be days when you really don’t feel up for any exercise or you are too busy the whole day with work. Don’t beat yourself up when you need a break and give yourself a day or two off. But don’t drag it out too long or your motivation will start slipping.

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