Fasting can benefit your weight loss goals

9 Benefits of Fasting for Weight Loss

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Fasting is a practice usually carried out for religious reasons. But nowadays, many people are resorting to fasting for weight loss. Fasting generally means complete abstinence of food and water or partial abstinence from food. There are many different kinds of fasting for weight loss, which includes:

• Water fasting

• Juice fasting

• Partial fast

• Liquid protein fast

• Religious fast

• Cleansing fast

• Partial fast

• Diagnostic fast

Fasting for weight loss has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Even if you are losing a lot of weight from fasting, you should not do it every day. Giving a break in between is necessary to regulate your body hormones.

Being said that, below are some of the benefits of fasting for weight loss.

1. Aids Weight Loss

The first and foremost benefit of fasting is, you guessed it, weight loss. When you are fasting, your body utilizes the stored fats in your body for energy consumption which causes breaking down fats causing weight loss.

2. You Face A Decrease In Your Appetite

Fasting is a lot better than different types of diets. In dieting when you stop your diet, your body returns to its original shape. When you fast, you do not eat food, which causes your stomach to shrink gradually thereby decreasing your appetite…and therefore, you eat less food than before. Fasting also stops you from overeating afterward.

3. Detoxification

Many harmful toxins are also stored in your body with fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. When you do not consume food, fats are broken down to release energy in the body which also cause the harmful toxins to break down and get eliminated from the body. Fasting is also a way of body detoxification.

4. Lowers Cholesterol Level

Another benefit of fasting is that it lowers cholesterol. It levels your body when fats are broken down thereby decreases the chances of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

5. Reduced Blood Sugar

During fasting, sugar and glucose are also broken down to provide energy to the body. This also reduces the insulin production in the body thereby reducing blood sugar levels.

6. Reduced Blood Pressure

Fasting also causes a reduction in the blood pressure by causing the body to break down fats and glucose. This causes a decrease in the metabolic rate thereby reducing the blood pressure.

7. Increases Immunity

When you fast, you follow a balanced diet. You take energy-rich foods and fruits before fasting and after when you break your fast to gain energy. The natural foods increase immunity in your body, toxins are eliminated, and fats are broken down. This is an overall good impact on the immune system.

8. Reduces Addictions

When you fast, you are away for a long time from your addictions, such as nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. This helps you in reducing and overcoming your addictions. When you know you cannot consume it, you are going to abstain from it. This increases your willpower to get rid of your addiction.

9. Emotional Benefits

You tend to feel good about yourself when you lose weight and feel lighter. Fasting also promotes a healthy lifestyle and makes you feel more energetic. Your mind is more clear and focused and you tend to be sharp and active.


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