Switching to the Vegetarian Life

Preparing for a lifestyle change Altering your lifestyle is one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make, and thus it is recommended that you consider all factors carefully before making the switch. Every day we read a lot of stuff about the vegetarian lifestyle and its benefits. If you are tempted by the […]

8 Reason to Eat More Protein

8 Reasons to Eat More Protein

  You would be amazed if you were told that 15 percent of your body weight is protein. Sounds weird, right? Proteins are the building blocks of your physical existence and very useful when it comes to helping your body repair itself. Is protein so important? Let’s find out. Aging Protein has you covered. As […]


Why you are not losing weight

How Come I’m Not Losing Weight? You’re counting your calories diligently. You downloaded all the latest fitness apps. You’re exercising daily. You’re watching what you eat. So, how come you’re not dropping the weight? Stephanie Smith at Active details several reasons how you may be sabotaging your weight loss goals. Are you guilty of any […]

Which milk is the best

Dairy vs Soy vs Nut Milk

Is Cow’s Milk Still King? There is nothing like a tall glass of cold milk. However, cow’s milk is high in fat and sugar. And, if you are lactose intolerant like myself, drinking cow’s milk can mean a night of discomfort. There are other options, such as soy and nut milk. Each has its benefits […]