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Dairy vs Soy vs Nut Milk

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Is Cow's Milk Still King?

There is nothing like a tall glass of cold milk. However, cow's milk is high in fat and sugar. And, if you are lactose intolerant like myself, drinking cow's milk can mean a night of discomfort.

There are other options, such as soy and nut milk. Each has its benefits over cow's milk, but you should consider your dietary goals before deciding which milk is best for you.

Low Carb Dieters

If you are following a low carb diet, then you probably know that milk is a no-no. Because cow's milk is high in sugar, it packs about 12 grams of carbs in each cup. At 12 grams, your daily carb intake goals are nearly met.

Soy milk is even worse. At 15 grams of carbs per cup, the low carb dieter can pretty much kiss goodbye any more carbs for the day.

Stick with nut milk, such as almond and coconut. They usually come in at under 3 grams per cup as long as you stick with the unsweetened variety.

High Protein Dieters

If you are on a high protein diet then cow's milk provides around 8 grams per cup. Soy isn't a bad option at 5 grams per cup.

If you're eating other sources of protein, you might want to get your milk protein from soy to eliminate the extra fat in dairy.

Lindsay Moyer at NutritionAction.com published an excellent article on the differences between each milk type:

Dairy is still king. Non-dairy reportedly makes up only about 9 percent of all milk sales. But plant milks keep inching up. Why? Non-dairy is better for the planet (and for animals). And many people believe that it’s better for their health.

Clearly, all “milks” are not created equal.

While cow's milk may still make up the vast majority of milk sales, soy and nut milk are stealing some market share. But, in the end, choose the milk that fits into your dietary goals.

Read Lindsay Moyer's article here.


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