Habits of Fit People

Habits of the Most Fit People

Repetition is the Key to Success

As the adage reminds us, repetition develops habits, whether good or bad. If you want to get fit and stay fit, it is important to develop good habits.

The most healthy and fit people follow this rule. They generally have a list of habits that they perform day in, day out, week in, week out.

If staying fit is your lifetime goal there are certain habits that you should repeat until they become second nature to you.

Jennifer Fox at active.com writes:

These days, you can’t seem to browse Instagram or Facebook for more than 30 seconds without seeing posts from some truly fit people. With photos and videos that highlight incredible workouts—plus killer bodies to match—it’s tempting to write these folks off as another species entirely.

But there’s hope for us mere mortals: By stealing the everyday habits of these uber-fit people, we can improve our own quest for better fitness.

She details 10 habits that every fit person follows:

  1. Keep a schedule
  2. Find a tribe
  3. Set (and celebrate) goals
  4. Take those rest days
  5. Record your workouts
  6. Mix it up
  7. Never miss a Monday
  8. Get your shuteye
  9. Eat breakfast
  10. Make it fun

When people complain, "I don't like exercise", what they usually mean is "I don't enjoy the particular kind of exercise I have in mind." But here's something that fit people understand: If you don't like a particular kind of exercise, DON'T DO IT.

Read Jennifer's article here.

If you desire to be great at something, you practice repetitively. The same holds true for staying fit. Staying fit is more than just hitting the gym a few times a week. You need to develop habits that keep you motivated and focused on reaching the fitness level you desire and keeping it.

Rome wasn't built in a day.


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