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  • Exercises for a Butt of Steel
    Does your backside need a boost? Pauline Nordin, Founder of Fighter Diet, has a workout to whip our butts into shape. Her “Butt of Steel” Workout will strengthen, lift and shape the glutes while tightening up the tie-in (i.e., the intersection of butt and thigh). Pauline’s program primarily features foundational movements modified slightly to better emphasize the backside. “My workouts are based on old school, solid effective exercises like squats,” explains Pauline. She adds, “I’m… Read more »
  • NS Society Monthly: Nutrient Dense Hacks
    NS Society Monthly class is about ways to be more resourceful when grocery shopping, realistic ways to boost the nutrient density of any meal, ways to drink more water every day, and how much to spend on groceries per week. March is national nutrition month so nutrition and making healthy habits around food has been top of mind with the NS community and our NS Society members! This will be the last month videos will appear… Read more »
  • Lemony Chickpea Salad
    Looking for a new simple, fiber-rich side salad? Try this Lemony Chickpea Salad. A bright, light and delicious side salad made with chickpeas, olive oil, lemon, garlic, and salt. Make healthy eating simple by having some staple “go-to” recipes you can make in 10 minutes or under — this is one of them! Chickpeas are a good mix of fiber, carbohydrates, and plant-based protein which makes for a great and filling side dish. The post… Read more »
  • St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Fried Eggs
    Looking for a fun, simple and very kid-friendly way to start off St. Patrick’s Day? These adorable and delicious shamrock-filled eggs are sure to be a hit with the entire family! This breakfast is super easy and only includes a few ingredients that you most likely have on hand. You may fall in love with this one so much that it becomes a staple breakfast dish in your house. Not only are they simple and… Read more »
  • 6 Tips For A Healthy Honeymoon
    Wondering if you can have a healthy honeymoon? Honeymoons are a time to soak up quality time with your partner, relax from the common busyness that’s prior to a wedding, have fun, explore, sleep in, eat really delicious food, drink to celebrate if that’s your choice, and spend as much time in real life and offline as you can to really soak it all up. One of the most frequent questions I get from brides… Read more »
  • Fire Up Your Cardio
    After being on the road for a week with minimal training time, I came home ready to sweat and with some extra calories to burn. Looking for some training inspiration, I browsed through the FitnessRx For Women online content and was reminded of the ultimate HIIT workout: Tabatas. Tabata training was founded by a Japanese researcher named Izumi Tabata. He defined an optimal work/rest interval of 20 seconds of high-intensity training followed by 10 seconds… Read more »
  • Gooey Toasted-Coconut Chocolate Brownies
    Gooey Toasted-Coconut Chocolate Brownies are gluten-free, delicious, and simple to make with calcium-rich tahini. This is the chocolate brownie recipe for those times where you want something super sweet and a little savory. Tahini, which is made from ground sesame seeds, is rich in calcium, healthy fats, and plant-based protein. Along with being a nutrient-dense option to add to a brownie recipe, it’s a bit earthy creating a savory-sweet combination. If you don’t enjoy tahini… Read more »
  • Training for Shapely, Sexy Shoulders
    If you’re anything like me, you spend endless hours lunging and squatting to create a tight, curvy lower body. But, guess what? A sexy body isn’t just about the butt and legs. Broad, beautiful shoulders are needed to achieve that hourglass shape that has defined sexy for generations. By simply developing the shoulders, a waist appears smaller, a thicker lower body looks more balanced, and goddess-like proportions become a reality. Not bad, huh? Besides creating… Read more »
  • Banish Your Belly Fat
    Summer is going to be here before we know it. Are you starting to work on that bikini body? Banish lower belly fat and incorporate these two lower ab exercises into your routine. Adding a touch of weight will help build your ab density. Building density will not only help burn belly fat but will also allow those gorgeous abs to shine through. These are two of my favorite ways to really target the lower… Read more »
  • Simple Seed Mix
    Looking for an easy way to add nutrient-density to your meals? Try this Simple Seed Mix. You’ll want to put this Simple Seed Mix on everything — from avocado toast, eggs, sprinkled on vegetables and in grain bowls — the options are endless. This simple seed mix contains, you guessed it, seeds! Seeds are typically dense in minerals, plant-based protein, fiber, and monounsaturated fats. You’ll find sesame seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax… Read more »
  • Strong and Shapely Leg Blast
    Your legs may be covered up with pants and boots this winter, but that does not mean you should neglect them. Training hard all winter will keep your legs in top form for when you start peeling off the layers in the spring. Legs are a larger muscle group, so training them once a week is sufficient. This allows your legs adequate rest so the muscle fibers can recover. Try this challenging leg workout that… Read more »
  • The Best Homemade Tomato Sauce
    This is the best homemade tomato sauce I’ve ever made and maybe yours too. Homemade tomato sauce is one of those staple recipes we should all have bookmarked, dog-eared in a cookbook, pinned on board, or memorized so you can whip it up with pantry staples. Just like hummus, soups, plant milk, smoothies, and salad dressings, it’s great to have the go-to recipes you can rely on and that you trust will always taste great.… Read more »
  • What Is Collagen?
    Collagen protein powder can now be found in matcha lattes to brownies — but what is collagen? How is collagen produced in the body? What nutrients are involved in collagen production and what causes break down of collagen? Let’s take a look at the biology of collagen and dive into collagen-related products so you can best navigate the growing collagen product market and know what’s best for you. What Is Collagen? Collagen is a fibrous… Read more »
  • NS Society Monthly: Habits and Support
    NS Society Monthly class is about habits, support, and accountability. Making lasting change, routines, and accomplishing goals take practice and small steps to creating new habits. We’re two months into the New Year and were overwhelmed with questions from the NS Society members about how to continue to stay on track, how to find support with their family and friends, and one member as a new mom asks how to take the time to take… Read more »
  • Why Do I Regain Weight?
    Here’s a weight loss treatment that works It’s a great feeling when we reach our desired weight loss goal. There are various methods of weight loss out there. From the latest and trendiest diets to fitness centers that promise success or even invasive surgery like bariatric surgery. Weight loss success can be attainable using these [...] The post Why Do I Regain Weight? appeared first on Women's Health and Fitness. Read more »
  • The Best Cooked Tofu
    Tired of cooking tofu that tastes like blah? Meet the best cooked tofu recipe. I’ve found this to be my go-to, reliable, and trustworthy tofu recipe that I can always count on making on meal prep day and inevitably will enjoy later in the week. If you’re looking for a tofu recipe that goes with everything you add it to — from salads, a stir-fry, roasted vegetables, dipped in a sauce or condiment, added to… Read more »
  • 12 Tips for a Flat Stomach
    One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do I get abs?” Or, “How do I flatten my belly?” Companies are making millions of dollars each year selling products that promise a flat, toned tummy simply and easily. Unfortunately, most of those products are complete junk. Developing a tight tummy takes time, patience and a lifestyle change. I have always been very active, and I have never been overweight. That said, I… Read more »
  • 7 Life-Changing Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Older People
    As a nation, we’re getting older. Studies estimate that nearly one in five U.S. residents is expected to be age 65 or older by 2030. But just because we’re getting older, doesn’t mean that we have to feel older. Our aging population faces unique challenges. Many changes take place as we get older: our muscles, [...] The post 7 Life-Changing Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Older People appeared first on Women's Health and Fitness. Read more »
  • Booty Blasting Exercises to Set Your Buns on Fire
    Check out two of my favorite booty-blasting exercises that are sure to set your buns on fire. What I love about these two exercises is they really isolate the GLUTES while minimizing the quad and hamstring activation.     When trying to focus on glutes, it can be hard to not also stimulate other surrounding muscles such as your hamstrings and quads. The squat is a perfect example. While you are working your booty, you… Read more »
  • Top 3 tips to dress your baby girl cute
    The babies are naturally very cute and everybody loves to hold them in their hands. But the mothers are very excited about dressing up their baby girls. It doesn’t mean they do not love the baby boys but they have a better affection towards baby girls. That’s why they want to dress them up in [...] The post Top 3 tips to dress your baby girl cute appeared first on Women's Health and Fitness. Read more »
  • Top 3 Best Workout Accessories for Women
    An attractive and beautiful body is a dream of every woman ever. The best part is that there are numerous workout accessories available nowadays that can shape your body in a better way. Some of these accessories are very expensive due to which women do not think of buying any workout accessories. But there are [...] The post Top 3 Best Workout Accessories for Women appeared first on Women's Health and Fitness. Read more »
  • Baked Raspberry Porridge
    If you like oatmeal, you’ll love this simple Baked Raspberry Porridge. I just started baking my oatmeal in batches during my weekly meal prep and I’m pretty happy about it. I think you’ll love this Baked Raspberry Porridge that can be made with a variety of fruits, nuts, and even different grains. Baking your oatmeal might save you a lot of time, effort, and the result will be delicious! If you don’t love raspberries, you can… Read more »
  • 5-Minute No Gym Ab Circuit
    While some core exercises are great for targeting your obliques or lower abs, this quickie routine hits those muscles … and more. This five-minute routine leaves no abs muscle behind. Your core will be shaking by the end, but it’ll be worth it, promise! Give this circuit a try and let me know what you think. All you need is a booty band. Let’s do this! Start by placing a band around your mid thighs.… Read more »
  • Daily fried food increases risk of premature death among women
    Read more »
  • Fit and Beautiful On Your Own Terms
    We all want to look great in a stunning dress, our swimsuits on the beach and, of course, our birthday suits. What does “looking great” really meaning though? Is it having a flat tummy? Is it having six pack abs and toned arms and legs? Does the number on your scale determine it? I have to admit that, for a little while, competing changed my perspective on what I should look like. I felt that… Read more »
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