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  • Easy Tomato Basil Omelet
    Looking for a nutritious, easy, and delicious breakfast? Try this Easy Tomato Basil Omelet. We’re big fans of nutritious food, delicious food, breakfast all day long, and easy to make food! This Easy Tomato Basil Omelet checks all of the above boxes, and yes, you can enjoy it for breakfast or dinner. Whether you have a garden at home, participate in local farming or CSA’s, or just make weekly trips to get fresh groceries, then… Read more »
  • Burn More Fat With the Ultimate Cardio Circuit
    Weight loss is frustrating when it takes a long time to see results. The few extra calories you burn during weeks of 20-minute workouts on the stair-climber or treadmill hardly seems worth the time it takes to get to the gym. And let’s face it— exercising for long sessions on one machine is difficult and boring. So it’s same old story— you endure months of miserable low-calorie diets that sap your energy and leave you hungry all the… Read more »
  • The Best 9 Books About Mental Health
    May is national Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s a topic that we give a lot of attention and love to here at Nutrition Stripped. If you think that nutrition has nothing to do with mental health and wellbeing, we’re here to shine a different light on that thought. Our philosophy is rooted in combining the science of nutrition and the art of healthy living, which is about honoring different ways we nourish ourselves. As… Read more »
  • Health and Fitness Tips for Women
    The girls always want to look hot and beautiful because this is how they can look prominent among others. There is no doubt that the clothes you wear add a unique touch of beauty to your personality. But the healthy and fit body is also very important to look prominent among others. So, if you [...] The post Health and Fitness Tips for Women appeared first on Women's Health and Fitness. Read more »
  • Pump-Up Your Intensity
    The key to maximizing performance in the gym is keeping the intensity high. Many people think they’re training intensely by increasing the length of their workout, but they keep the intensity the same as usual. In reality, increasing the intensity could increase calorie burn, build more strength and endurance, and burn more fat more efficiently and in less time. So, what exactly is intensity? Intensity is a feel factor. It is a way of lifting… Read more »
  • Gluten-free Jalapeño Cornbread
    Looking for a spicy spin on gluten-free cornbread? Try this Jalapeno Cornbread. Cornbread has always been one of those comfort foods for me, something I can eat all year long and every time I do I feel nostalgic. It’s warm and delicious and if you have an oven and a skillet it really couldn’t be easier to make. Making cornbread looks differently for everyone — you have the people who love a really sweet and… Read more »
  • Melt That Muffin Top for Summer
    Read more »
  • Veggie Egg Bake
    If you’re looking for a great meal for leftovers, try this crowd-pleasing Veggie Egg Bake. Eggs have always been a favorite ingredient for us at Nutrition Stripped. They’re an excellent source of protein, healthy fats, and egg yolks are mineral-rich. Eggs are also versatile — enjoy them for breakfast or for dinner. This Veggie Egg Bake is incredibly simple to make and relatively quick to cook — all you need is a whisk, a large… Read more »
  • Almond-Ricotta Lasagna
    Looking for a delicious, nutritious, veggie-filled lasagna? Try this non-dairy and gluten-free friendly, Almond-Ricotta Lasagna. We’ve all experienced that feeling of meal fatigue, when you’re either too tired from your busy day and don’t have the energy to whip up something complex for dinner, or the food you meal prepped for the week is starting to feel a little repetitive. This was exactly how I was feeling when I decided to flip through the Nutrition… Read more »
  • 4 Things To Remember When Considering Cosmetic Injections
    Plump lips, smooth skin, full cheeks: they come naturally to some people, whilst other people get a little help from their dermatologist. If you’re unsure whether your friend or a certain celebrity has them, that’s why you’re unsure. The latest injectable treatments are not only easy to acquire, but designed for subtlety and long lasting. [...] The post 4 Things To Remember When Considering Cosmetic Injections appeared first on Women's Health and Fitness. Read more »
  • How pet fashion can help you get active
    It may not seem like the most traditional method of getting out and active but dog fashion is the way of the future. By decking your fur-baby out in the latest trends and cute apparel you’ll feel motivated to get out and about more often. Whether you’re matching your hair tie to your dog’s bow [...] The post How pet fashion can help you get active appeared first on Women's Health and Fitness. Read more »
  • NS Society Monthly: Vegetables and Bloating
    NS Society Monthly class is about ways to be more resourceful when grocery shopping, realistic ways to boost the nutrient density of any meal, ways to drink more water every day, and how much to spend on groceries per week. In this NS Society Monthly Class McKel answers… Maria asked: I know I’m supposed to eat vegetables but I’m always so bloated after eating them, what gives? Lisa asked: Sometimes when I get really stressed or… Read more »
  • Turmeric Mashed Potatoes
    If you’re looking for a delicious twist on classic mashed potatoes, you’ve come to the right place. Potatoes often get a bad rep but hear me out. This is usually because they are sliced and deep fried in vegetable oil or mashed with tons of butter and heavy cream. But what about healthier cooking methods like roasting, boiling, and steaming? Potatoes are a carbohydrate (a starchy vegetable) and as with any other carbohydrate, my recommendation… Read more »
  • Why You Need Carbs
    Carbohydrates— types of macronutrients found in many foods like fruits, veggies, starches, milk, seeds and grains— are important in a balanced diet because they contribute to correct and efficient body function. According to the Mayo Clinic, “The most basic carbohydrate is a sugar molecule, which joins together one or two units of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Other carbohydrates contain three or more units of the carbon-hydrogen-oxygen trio.” Types of Carbohydrates There are three main types… Read more »
  • The Role Of Nutrition In Hair Loss
    We all know nutrition plays a key role in our hair, but what are great food choices to facilitate growth? Did you know we are all losing hair? We typically lose about 100 hairs per day! For most of us, it’s not noticeable due to our constant hair cycle, growing more hair as we naturally shed some. Hair loss happens when this cycle of shedding and growing new hair is interrupted. Hair loss can feel… Read more »
  • Exercise In the Great Outdoors
    Remember when you were a kid and you used to go outside to “play.” Now, as an adult, you go inside (to the gym) to “work out.” With all of the undeniable health and fitness benefits the modern day gym culture has brought us, it seems we’ve developed a disconnect between gym exercise and physical activity— in that, we drive to the gym to walk on the treadmill. And many folks even drive around the… Read more »
  • Banana Nut Bread
    If you’re looking for a delicious, healthy, and simple banana nut bread recipe, this is it. I don’t know about you, but every time I have a bunch of brown, semi-mushy bananas I get a little bit excited because that means it’s banana bread time! We have always been big fans of minimal waste when it comes to food here at NS, which is why we always make an effort to think of fun and… Read more »
  • Burn More Fat With Treadmill Intervals
    Want to get a runner’s body and improve your running skills? World-class trainer David Siik knows exactly what it takes. David is longtime track and field runner, and one of the elite trainers at Burn 60, an interval training fitness studio in Los Angeles. In addition to helping people lose weight, David takes strong, fast and fit runners and makes them even better. “I’ve been running since before I can remember. It is the single… Read more »
  • The Dating Game: Your Guide to Getting Your Body Dating-Scene Ready
    When it comes to men and dating, we have to be honest with ourselves. Wearing high heels, makeup, getting waxed, and exercising… why do we do those things? Sure we do them to make sure we are good physical health and because we want to look good for ourselves but remember, we’re being honest here… [...] The post The Dating Game: Your Guide to Getting Your Body Dating-Scene Ready appeared first on Women's Health and… Read more »
  • 5 Ways a Fitness Injury Can Help You
    It might seem antithetical, that a fitness injury which sidelines your workout routine, can actually be a good thing. But the truth is, fitness injuries are often, in part, your body’s way of telling you that you are overdoing it. If you are feeling sidelined by a fitness injury like plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, or [...] The post 5 Ways a Fitness Injury Can Help You appeared first on Women's Health and Fitness. Read more »
  • High-Intensity Metabolic Blast!
    Blast through a plateau, re-energize your training and get results with Lais DeLeon’s GET METABOLIC Workouts presented by NLA For Her. Her High Intensity Resistance Training programs will amp up your intensity, challenge your strength & endurance and boost your metabolism (yes, we’re talking about the afterburn) to help you sculpt the lean & tight body you desire. Today’s High Intensity Circuit hits BACK, BICEPS & TRICEPS. Watch the video for a demonstration of the… Read more »
  • Guide To Eating Animal Proteins
    If you’re looking for a how-to guide to eating animal proteins, this serves as a great guide. For the sake of this article, we’re focusing on how to buy or source animal proteins as part of your diet and lifestyle. If you’re plant-based looking to incorporate animal proteins or making the transition from a vegan diet to eating animal proteins and find the process intimidating, this will be a great and simple guide for you.… Read more »
  • Get Flat Abs for Summer
    It’s almost BIKINI SEASON! In a few months, there will be more hiding behind the hoodie and sweats. Will you ready to bare your belly? If your abs haven’t yet emerged from a long winter hibernation, don’t despair. We’ve got the perfect program to tighten your tummy in no time— the Flat Abs Bikini Workout with IFBB Bikini Pro Juliana Daniell! Get ready to sculpt your core in time for summer! THE BIKINI ABS PROGRAM… Read more »
  • Weekend Sweat Sesh
    Don’t let the weekends be your weak-ends. They can get busy with activities, kid sports, parties, etc. It’s baseball season for us and that means less time in the gym and more time at the field. It’s so easy to put ourselves last and make excuses but not if we have a plan! This Sweat Sesh will allow you to get in your workout no matter what obligations you have this weekend. Let’s dig deep… Read more »
  • Exercises for a Butt of Steel
    Does your backside need a boost? Pauline Nordin, Founder of Fighter Diet, has a workout to whip our butts into shape. Her “Butt of Steel” Workout will strengthen, lift and shape the glutes while tightening up the tie-in (i.e., the intersection of butt and thigh). Pauline’s program primarily features foundational movements modified slightly to better emphasize the backside. “My workouts are based on old school, solid effective exercises like squats,” explains Pauline. She adds, “I’m… Read more »
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