Lose Arm Fat

How to Lose Arm Fat and Tone Your Arms

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“Bingo wings” are something that many women would like to get rid of, right? Studies reveal that many women who want to lose weight are especially looking for ways to lose the flabby fat in their arms.

However, there are some misconceptions about how fat accumulates.

When you gain weight, you don’t get to choose where the fat is stored. For some, it’s on their backs, chest, or legs. In your case, one of the areas may be your arms.

Use these exercises to tone and strengthen your arms.

Exercises to Tone Your Arms

These exercises below can be done anywhere, anytime!


Find something secure that you can lean on, like a sofa or bench. Slide down off the front while maintaining just a slight bend in your legs in front.

Keep both arms behind you resting on the edge of the bench with your fingers facing forwards. Gradually lower your body at the elbows until you reach an angle of 90 degrees. Then, use your triceps to push your body back up to the top, but while keeping a slight bend in the elbow.

Close Grip Push-Ups

Get onto the floor facing downwards with your legs out behind you. Your palms should be on the floor and slightly within shoulder width.

You should also be using your toes to take some of your body weight too.

Slowly lower yourself down until your forearm is touching your bicep. Push yourself up to the top and repeat.

If this is too hard, set yourself up in the exact same way. However, you can be on your knees for additional support.

Arm Circles

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms out to your side and rotate them clockwise in small circles. After 30 to 60 seconds, begin rotating them counter-clockwise. Repeat.

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Single-leg Triceps Dips

First, assume the tabletop position. Extend your left leg out in front of you.

Next, lower your body by bending your arms at the elbow until your butt touches, but not rests, on the floor.

Finally, extend your arms to lift yourself back into the tabletop position. Repeat.

Side Planks

Lie on one side, resting your body on your elbow. The other arm should be resting on your hip. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds.

Repeat on the other side.

Your Diet Is Paramount

You can do as much exercise as you like, but without a clean, healthy diet, the fat on your arms won’t shift.

Exercise works to tone the muscle of your arms. But you need to work on revealing it, which is done by losing fat. So, be sure to maintain a good diet to lose fat on your arms, and tone them at the same time.

Don’t waste any time, get started now!

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