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Spot Reduction Works and Other Fitness Myths

If you ask anyone in the gym for advice, you will receive an assortment of answers. Most of them bad. The reason is that they learned from someone else in the gym who learned it from someone else and so on and so on.

While most people may have good intentions, the advice they give could wreak havoc on your fitness goals or worse, injure you. I've even met personal trainers who provided the wrong instruction for what I wanted to accomplish.

Scott Yorko at gives his list of 12 myths commonly found in the gym:

Spot Reduction Works


Trying to lose your gut by just doing sit-ups is futile. One million ab exercises a day won't flatten a stomach that is covered in layers of fat.

Burning calories through frequent, consistent cardiovascular exercise helps shed belly fat. Combine this with an improved diet, and you'll create a calorie deficit, which trims the belly and other areas of your body.

Eventually, certain exercises will help tone the muscles, which will become visible when the excess fat is gone.

You Have Lower, Middle and Upper Abs

It's all one muscle.

To effectively target regions of your erectus abdominus, you need to pre-fatigue certain parts of it. With a crunch series, for instance, you'll need to fatigue the top of your abs, then the middle in order to get to the bottom.

Read Scott's article and see the full list here

I know I have heard a few of these during my days in the gym. A couple I actually believed. But, so did the guy who told me. And, I'm sure he believed it, as well. Always seek out the person who actually knows what they are talking about. That may not necessarily be an easy task, though.

So, what myths have you heard at the gym? Let us know.


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