7 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise

  How to Stay Motivated Burned out? Less than motivated to start your work out? We’ve all been there. Long day at work or a late night out and the last thing you’re thinking of is working out. Well, try these excellent tips to stay motivated for your workouts. 1. Set Shorter Goals One of […]

Fasting can benefit your weight loss goals

9 Benefits of Fasting for Weight Loss

  Fasting is a practice usually carried out for religious reasons. But nowadays, many people are resorting to fasting for weight loss. Fasting generally means complete abstinence of food and water or partial abstinence from food. There are many different kinds of fasting for weight loss, which includes: • Water fasting • Juice fasting • […]

10 Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercising Regularly

Weight Loss, Improved Memory, and Other Benefits of Exercise Most of us exercise to lose weight or build muscle. And those are great motivators to get us moving. However,  exercise has many more benefits than just the obvious. Did you know that exercise can improve your memory? Yes, by supplying a steady source of rich oxygen to […]