Health Benefits of Black Garlic

Health Benefits of Black Garlic

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Did you say black garlic?

Yes, black garlic, while not as common as white garlic, is just as versatile. It can be used in rubs, sauces, broth, salads, hummus and more.

Health benefits of black garlic

Jessica Cording at Fitness Magazine explains the health benefits of black garlic:

"Rich in phytonutrients and other disease-fighting compounds, garlic has been noted for a variety of health benefits, including its anti-inflammatory effects, immune system support, and improved cardiovascular function. It's also been studied for its cancer-fighting potential. While black garlic is lower in allicin, a powerful compound that gives garlic many of its health-promoting properties, it's still packed with antioxidants. With about 35 calories per serving, it's a great way to amp up flavor and add depth without tacking on tons of extra calories."

Don't be afraid to try this earthy fermented food. It has a more subtle flavor than regular garlic, but gives a nice balance to many recipes.


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