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Weight Loss Tips For 6 Pack Abs

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Striving for the Six Pack

For over the years, getting a 6 pack is considered one of the most important bodybuilding milestones, anyone could ever achieve to your body. Unlike biceps and chest workout, the result of 6 pack workout is prominent after about 4 months. In some cases, it can take about 6 months to fully witness the effect of 6 pack abs.

The following article will tell you about the tips required for making 6 pack abs.

Losing Weight

If you are fat, you need to get rid of extra fat first. There is no concept of spot reduction. Hit the gym and do some cardio. Try a mixed routine of running, sprinting, jumping, gymnastics and dance to lose the weight of your body.

Slow Calorie Reduction

Some people are so head over heels in building 6 pack abs, they simply forget that ‘Rome was not built in a day.’ It takes months of serious dedications to produce a perfect 6 pack abs.

Often these people are dramatic in nature. Over the first few days, they’ll be very enthusiastic about building 6 packs. Gradually, when they realize that the workout is just tip of the iceberg, many will give up.

Good weight loss tips include realizing your mind that it is not a one-day job. Give time to yourself and slowly, decrease calories in your diets. The trick is to slowly achieve the state of balance.

Don’t Believe in Myths

There are myths that endless crunches and sit ups are the key to have 6 pack abs. Do a little research of your own before believing them.

While weight loss tips suggest that crunches are a great exercise, which hit the core muscles. But, they are not “the way” to build abs. You need a mixture of exercises to get 6 pack abs.

What makes crunches often not recommendable is that if you are fat, doing crunches will tighten your core muscles and even after routine of tedious workouts, let’s say your abs are formed. Then will be hiding under a thick coat of fat.

So removing fat is more of a target, than doing traditional exercises. With less fat, your body features will be more prominent.

Drinking Water

Surprisingly, many people neglect this simple yet healthy habit. An average human needs to upkeep the hydration level in his body, in order to have a good day.

For a normal adult, it is recommended to drink at least 12 glasses of water a day. But, when you are going for a program of losing weight, you need to drink even more.

Weight loss tips include water as a fat cutter. Metabolic rate at cellular level is increased by health hydration.


One of the best workout gift you can give to your body is swimming. Swimming is a complete workout and focuses extensively on abdominal core muscles.

Swimming also helps in reduction of weight.

Eating Citrus Fruits

Good weight loss tips include a diet which includes sour fruits. Grape fruit, pineapples and lemon are sour in taste. It is not a ‘hard and fast rule’ but generally, it has been observed that sour fruits are linked with dissolving fat.

Be sure to include these fruits in your diet plan. A good diet is a balanced diet, which leads to a balanced body formation.

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